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Doers University teaches you the necessary actions/activities (Including market research and advertising) that drives the promotion and selling of products or services. Doers U also empowers you with the set of processes needed for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that provide value to and for customers, clients, and society at large.


Doers University  introduces you into the society of business, organizational structures, it’s various engagements in commercial, industrial or professional activities. Doers U introduces business plans and models that detail the production of  goods, services or retailing of already manufactured products. You will be privy to tools todays TOP Businesses use to develop industries that produce the greatest societal impacts.



Doers University encourages and celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit. Develop the skills and mindset needed to run a business of your choosing. Learn How to develop ideas that are worth testing in the open market. Doers U creates Entrepreneurs that are assets; to be cultivated, motivated and rewarded for their contributions. Entrepreneurship changes lives by driving innovations that improves society’s standard of living.


Doers University teaches branding strategies that are affective in helping you and the businesses you develop stand out and be top of mind with your target audience. Doers U Branding strategies gives you a major edge in this ever increasing competitive market. Develop a brand that becomes your promise to your customer. Your Brand is your business DNA finger print. Your Brand tells your audience what can expected from your products and services, and it’s ultimate purpose is to differentiate you or your offerings from the competition.

Product Launching

Doers University will provide the resources and tools needed to educate you on how to effectively debut a product into the market place. Discover the marketing strategies and plan sequences (Promotion, Prelaunch, Launch, and post-launch)top produces use to make a BIG buzz about the products pre-release/prelaunch; in effect increasing sales in a short period of time.  Learn how to leverage the promoting power of Joint Ventures and Affiliates. Learn how to capture the hearts, minds and commitments of your customers via early buy-ins (Customer subscription, preference list, special bonus and early bird specials). Learn the art of tying your product into community interest and benefits.




Traffic/ Lead Generation

Doers University helps broaden your understanding of psychological triggers and mechanisms needed to ignitiate prospect interest or enquiry. Doers U guides you through some of todays most productive traffic sources….learn where your customer is, what they are buying, why they are buying, how they are buying and how often they are buying. In essence find the watering hole where your idea customer frequent and lead generation becomes elementary. Learn the dynamics of sales funnels and which ones to use and when. Get a foothold on how email marketing has and continues to change the competitive landscape of businesses globally and how it has also leveled the playing field for the novice businessman or woman to the billion dollar corporation.





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